survey initiator

What is Survey Initiator?

Survey Initiator (SI) is a web-based application that manages the presentation of survey invitations on your website. Linked to a site survey, SI allows you to capture the feedback and experience of your site visitors to drive continuous improvement of your site. Ultimately, you can launch surveys from your website to gain feedback from your customers and users of your website while they are focused on your products and services.

Who uses Survey Initiator?

This solution is ideal for businesses who have high website traffic, where the website is a key customer service channel (e.g. bank) or intrinsic to the business (e.g. online classified site).

Why Survey Initiator?

Survey Initiator is a much more sophisticated and feature rich alternative to a simple survey pop up code. This is a monitored the application and can adjust parameters on the fly whilst monitoring performance with a custom designed dashboard. Once installed, you can reuse it whenever you like without having to get the website administrator involved.

Key Features

  • Integrated with your website - Customisable and branded invites that looks and feels like part of your website and is launched from your website.
  • Not a pop-up - It is an embedded element within the page. Those with pop-up blockers switched on can still be invited to provide feedback.
  • One-time installation - Once deployed, SI can be easily turned on and off to run one or multiple executions - multiple executions run concurrently across various componentsof the website to cater to different audiences, all controlled from a single interface.
  • Remote, real-time control of launch parameters - You can adjust sampling rates, repeat invitations, delay before display, repeat invitation rate overAdjust parameters including sampling rates, repeat invitations, delay before display, and display format with a click of a button.
  • Invitation on exit - Invitation is accepted on visitation and the survey launches on site exit. It does not deter from the site experience and also captures site usage behaviour. 
  • Advanced reporting - You can view site launches, acceptances and completions in real time via your own secure reporting portal.

How it works

For you
  • We review your site to understand your online environment and review your site technology
  • Using site statistics, we will calculate the ideal presentation parameters such as presentation probability.
  • We send your site administrator packed files to place on the site.
  • Once installed, you can easily control SI settings, view your site reports and change site surveys.
For your site user
  • Only a small proportion of website users are presented; the probability of presentation to be determined by unique site visitors, anticipated response rate and number of completes.
  • Survey Initiator is activated and invites the site user to participate in a survey.
  • If the user accepts, the survey will either launch immediately or launch on exit (ie the frame minimises while they browse your website and the survey will be launched when they leave your site) - the choice is yours
  • If the user declines, the frame closes and the user can continue browsing your website.

View a demo

Click here to view the demo

Settings for this demo are;

Display Location: Top-Right
Display Delay: 3 seconds
Display Type: Fade
Probability: 1/1 (every visitor)