survey shaper

What is Survey Shaper?

A survey design platform to design and post surveys online. Survey Shaper helps you design a better survey faster and also scripts the survey ready for online publication. Try our online demo.

Who uses Survey Shaper?

Research companies, Corporates, Small Businesses and Academics.

Why Survey Shaper?

Survey shaper is a tool to help you design an outstanding questionnaire. It is not technical software for IT people but is rather designed for knowledge industry professionals to write and manage great surveys. Rather than pay someone technical to script your questionnaire, Survey Shaper does that for you by default when you use it to design your questionnaire, which improves your bottom line. Even better, it can cope with the most demanding survey features that industry professionals demand and is generates fully mobile optimised surveys. The end result is better designed surveys, scripted faster and lower cost.

Key Features

  • Can be used with panel providers or you can email your own surveys.
  • Flowchart design tool helps you easily construct, manage and update surveys
  • Visually appealing and fast respondent survey experience
  • Shared online collaboration space
  • Intuitive design object based interface. Easy to use but powerful
  • Survey scripts are fully mobile optimised
  • All major question types including, singles, multis, grids, ranks, open endeds, loops constructions etc.
  • Different delivery formats including radio buttons, sliders, heat ratings etc.
  • Full piping and conditional text capabilities
  • Ability to randomise, rotate, group codes, customise sort orders
  • Online monitoring of your survey
  • Least filled quotas capability
  • Saved templates and create and share your own template
  • WYSIWYG previewing on screen as you go
  • Easily integrate multi-media content
  • Fully customisable look and feel e.g. upload your logo
  • Fully featured integrated mailer with HTML formatting
  • Easily Import and integrate your own sample datafields
  • Real time results tracking including monitoring of survey duration, % mobile completions, drop out points etc.
  • Download the data to SPSS whenever you want

How it works

  • You sign up to Survey Shaper which gives you five concurrent access users
  • A control panel allows you to manage all your surveys
    • Launch the scripting tool, which is based on the concept of a flowchart
    • Publish the survey
    • Monitor open rates, completion rates, drop out points,
    • Export data
    • View results of completed surveys
    • Run tables
  • Each year, you renew your license which covers you for up to 50,000 surveys and 1,000 mail outs a day