What is giGANTTic?

Based on the concept of a GANTT chart, giGANTTic is an online shared application for project management. There is no need to download or install any software on your computer .
  • Create a new project
  • Specify the project tasks, resources and timing
  • Share your project with others by email
  • Set up your reporting and alert preference

Who uses giGANTTic?

giGANTTic is useful for practically anyone. We've seen it used for project management in large corporates and small business and by individuals to keep track of their weekly to do list.

Why giGANTTic?

An online project management and collaboration application that makes it much easier for people and companies to work together. Using giGANTTic, you can manage and share project timelines and resources through one easy and simple to use interface.

Key features

  • Simple and easy to use - Get started straight away without any training with an easy to use, intuitive, and simple interface
  • Fully featured - Includes powerful project management, sharing and reporting features
  • Shared environment - All changes and updates take place on a common copy of the project plan
  • Unique capabilities - A complete view of ALL your projects at a glance with a daily digest delivered to your inbox. Easily share projects with anybody, anytime. Automatically build a template library
  • Single view - Your project team all have access to one view of the project status, defining accountabilities, events and timelines
  • Great value - Free base version with unlimited version at a fraction of the price of PC based applications
  • Flexible and highly customisable - To meet your project needs
  • Simple multi-license management and payment facility

How it works

  • Visit
  • Create a new Account
  • Create a new project and add tasks
  • Set the dates and define any sub tasks
  • Assign ownership to tasks
  • Share the project with someone else by entering their email address
  • The shared user will receive an email to collaborate giving them shared access to your project